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Mistress Alexandra Madrid, Spain 16th-19th July

   Super excited to be in the Inquisition country. That will excite My more sadistic instincts.

   Because of prior commitments, My availability for sessions will be extraordinarily limited.

                               So, hurry up and book with Me before it's too late.

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Mistress Alexandra Interview 11/05/2020

Filming with Mistress Astoria and Miss Julietta



TELL BLUE SWALLOW: An Interview with Greek Mistress Alexandra, the Natural Born Dominatrix

An Interview with
Mistress Alexandra

I want to thank the people on Fetlife who requested an interview with Mistress Alexandra. After a little digging, I made contact with her. So, my friends, you are in luck. I hope you enjoy my discussion with Mistress Alexandra.

First, a little about the lovely Mistress Alexandra…

Mistress Alexandra is the absolute Greek Mistress. It is her nature to be Dominant. People obey her because she manifests a commanding presence. And this sovereignty is supplemented by her sadistic instincts and with her multiple years of experience in the world of BDSM. Mistress Alexandra is a successful businesswoman and owner of two of the largest dungeons in Greece. This is her life. This is her lifestyle. She believes Matriarchal Domination and strict punishment for all submissives is the correct world order. She states dominance without experience is like the sun with clouds. Her 11 years of experience is a guarantee of mutual enjoyment.

By BlueSwallow

1. You describe yourself as a "natural born dominatrix." Please explain further.

I conquer the soul, body, and mind of others with My dynamism, imagination, and wicked personality. Yet, that would not be enough, unless others would follow Me as their ruler, accepting the natural dominance that emanates from Me and My actions.

2. Who makes up your largest clientele -- masochist, fetish enthusiastic, male submissive, or worshipers?

First l, I would never use the word "clients." They are not My clients but My devotees. For the most part, they are submissive men that believe in Female Supremacy and its Femdom expression. Their fetishes are just a way of expressing themselves. With My guidance, they can reach heights that would seem unimaginable on their own. And they can find that guidance mostly in person-to-person sessions, in one of My Athens, Greece dungeons, or in My travels, but also, in My online training programs, that are designed carefully to mimic the real-life experience.

3. I would think clients tend to be mostly men. Do you also train females and couples (male/female together)?

I am an equal opportunity Dominatrix. That means, I will dominate humans of any race, sex, or condition. So, of course that includes females or couples. I do not make distinctions. The only requirement is they must accept My supremacy.

4. What might your training sessions include?

My experience is immense, and My imagination is unlimited. I am a perfectionist and I have visions. I love weird games in the black and white spectrum. The range of My knowledge and experience is so vast that anything from the S&M world and fetishes is well known to Me. Just like the variety of preferences and fantasies of each person seeking a particular experience. Adaptation is therefore imperative because this is the basis of every successful meeting.

5. What makes your "temple" so special?

In addition to My experience as a ProDomme, I like to create and invest constantly. I have in my blood the combination of domination, creation, expansion, and conquest.

In my case, I do not really differentiate between my business activity and my personal wishes regarding BDSM. Obviously, I set extremely strict limits to prevent emotions or feelings from being transferred from one container to another, but the essence remains the same. I am a dominant woman. Absolutely dominant. In all facets of my life. In some cases, that may seem like a cliché, but I do not care, since those who know me know perfectly well what the reality is.

I take the term "temple" not only as a building but as a creation.

The first stage of My project was the creation of My personal dungeon, 310 square meters, approximately 3300 square feet, fully equipped with many different rooms. And what was only a dream four years ago has become reality.

The second stage was the creation of the first BDSM Dungeon for hire,120 square meters, approximately 1500 square feet, available for couples but also for professionals.

The third stage of My project was M.A. Academy. For the first time, couples and ProDommes have the chance to learn or expand their knowledge

The fourth is The Temple of Dommes. The first BDSM clips production in Greece and the first member's website.

The fifth is The Omega Compound. I will not reveal more at this moment. What I can say now is that it will be available to live in an intense atmosphere of total and absolute Female Supremacy, 400 square meters of indoor dungeon and 2.000 square meters of outdoor open dungeon. You can always find out more on

My project will not end here. There are many more to come and I will not stop until literally the final stone will be added to what I call My Temple.

6. Do tell more about the M.A. Academy

The M.A. Academy was created for the first time in Greece in 2019 as the BDSM community was growing and I felt that I could contribute to it. We all know that BDSM is a mix of skills, techniques, and imagination that cannot be put into practice only by reading a book or watching clips. Without proper knowledge it can even become dangerous. It contains classes for couples mainly for those who have just started and did not know how to proceed, or just to upgrade their skills, or did not know how to apply theory in real life with their partner. And it also is a dominatrix workshop. For those who wanted to start as a dominatrix and were looking for guidance or just to sharpen their skills and techniques.

7. Is there a robust BDSM community in Greece?

Greek BDSM community is still in its infancy, but, over the last years, I am noticing a growing interest. Still needs a lot of nurturing and education at many levels, so the community could reach its true potential, but as of now, there are still too many misconceptions and unresolved issues. Of course, I am personally involved in that process, contributing My knowledge and experience.

8. Explain your collaboration globally with other Mistresses

I enjoy a close collaboration with many Dommes with similar interests. That collaboration is not limited to double or triple sessions, or the shooting of clips, on many occasions it goes beyond that, becoming in the best cases a real friendship and in other cases close professional collaborations.

As I like to travel, I meet many of Them in their places of origin, but I am also delighted to welcome them in Athens, where they know My Dungeons are at their disposal, which, by the way, are among the best ones in Europe. And, let Me announce here, in the extremely near future, a new location will be available to live in an intense atmosphere of total and absolute Female Supremacy.

9. Is there a golden rule by which you live?

The golden rule by which I guide my steps is that of hard and constant work, the desire to improve every day, and apply the passion in all areas of my life. Of course, this can be applied directly to BDSM because it is My personal passion and My work, but also to any other initiative I embark on.

10. What is one special thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I am sure people would be surprised if they found I actually can write code!

11. What can you imagine yourself doing in the next 15-20 years?

I do not think much will change no matter how many years pass. I will continue to enjoy what I do now in My FemDom lifestyle and be as dynamic as I am today.

12. For those that might want to take advantage of your training, what is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact Me is through My website ( and the official channels that appear there. Although I answer some messages in My social networks, in many cases I do not have enough time to attend all the requests I receive, therefore, it is important to point out that those who wish to receive an answer, must use My web and the means designated there.

On the other hand, there are many fake profiles that use My image, and in some cases, even My name. Be careful with that and always make sure who you are dealing with. Use common sense and do not let scammers get your money.

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