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Mistress Tess UK

10th  -  13th November 2021

                     As a true Matriarch I know how to put men in their place, that being at My feet. I enjoy intimidating men, making them feel insignificant, vulnerable, weak. From My teenage years I've known My superior position, My ability to make men bend to My will. 


                     What comes next? Well, that depends on the individual. 


                   I may choose to torture them, to make them truly suffer for Me. Or I could choose to violate them, go balls deep in their ass with My cock, maybe gently and sensually, or maybe brutally with a cock that's just a bit too big for them to take so they remember Me long after their time in My presence.

                 Alternatively, I could take them sensually, touch that spot that will make them assgasm for Me. Last but by no means least, with those boys in mind who don't like to suffer or take cock for Me, then I can be truly sensual, drive them wild with excitement, tease them to within a stroke of orgasm. Sadly, for them though, but not so much Me, it'll always end in ruin.

                They'll leave frustrated and desperate for more, to push themselves further for Me. Just the way I like it.


                I truly enjoy what I do and the people I meet whilst on My journey. I feel blessed to be able to really enjoy what I do.

Boot Worship
Breast/Nipple Play (giving)
Candle Wax (watching others wear)
Caging/Confinement (watching others wear)
CBT (giving)
Chastity Devices (watching others wear)
Cock and Ball Torture (giving)
Collar and Lead/Leash (watching others wear)
Cross-Dressing (watching others wear)
Dildos (wearing)
Discipline (giving)
Doctor/Nurse Play (giving)
Domestic Servitude (receiving)
Foot/Feet (everything to do with it)
Financial Domination, Paypig, Human ATM
High Heels (wearing)
Humiliation (giving)
Leather (wearing)
Masks (watching others wear)
Pain (giving)
Pantyhose/Stockings (wearing)
Role Play (giving)
Sadism (giving)
Sensory Deprivation (giving)
Spanking (giving)
Strap-ons (wearing)
Talking Dirty (giving)
Verbal Humiliation and Degradation (giving)

and so much more


Are you eager to serve Mistress Tess?
Feel free to follow Her on twitter @mistresstess1 to get more ideas about Her likes and dislikes in order to
please Her thoroughly.

Appointments will take place in Temple of Dommes.


Ask for session price



November 10th - November 13th
Please be polite and announce your booking minimum 6h ahead.

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