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Mistress Luna

24.09.2020- 28.09.2020

Mistress Luna

Read Carefully

“From long time, I had many slaves asked Me if I come to Greece!
Well, I decided to visit Athens, so, don't miss this unique chance to fall on your knees
before Me and worship My royal feet!
I will be available for session only for 3 days in 25, 26 and 27 September !
That's why, if you don't want to miss the opportunity to meet Me, I recommend you book in advance and secure your session by making a deposit!
Send your polite application at
Before you write Me, make sure you check My Likes and My Dont's page!
Make your first contact by email !
I will take different length sessions ( from 1 hour to overnight sessions) in Athens in a fully equipped dungeon.
Because I will stay only 3 days in Athens, make sure you book your session in advance !
You must know that I am very selective and don't accept everybody for session, but if
you convince Me that you deserve to spend My time with you, then I may consider you!
For first time applicants, depending on the situation, I might require deposit and/or
references from other Mistress that you have been visit!
Present your self well, in a polite manner and give as many details as possible about
what you have tried, what you want to explore and what your limits are!
Don't forget to mention if you have experience ! In generally, give as much details as possible!
After we have get in touch by email, we can move forward and communicate by phone.
I am involved in BDSM international stage since 2001 and although My fans and
devotees from Greece knows Me very well, I will tell you a little about Me !


About Me!

I am Sublime Lady, Mistress Luna: sophisticated, intelligent, elegant and picky !
I have 19 years experience who thrives on the total exchange of power!
I approach this area with seriousness and devotion and I expect my slaves to do the
The superficiality and frivolity has no place in my relationship with a sub!
I am very enthusiastic and genuinely involved in the BDSM scene with all its aspects.
I am Dominant, and I enjoy to session with gentlemen who appreciate Me and My style
of Domination.
I am an charismatic&highly intuitive and an emotionally intelligent Goddess.

For Me a BDSM session, or a s/D relationship, is much more than just simple physical
experiences. I'm interested in the subtler effects and deeper feelings so both, I and My
slave can get maximum benefit for the body and the mind.
Therefore, I have the ability to establish deep connections at different levels: from
outside to inside and vice versa.
I love above all to make a true personal connection! That's why, although I do create
wonderful 1 hour sessions, I prefer longer sessions.
For more authentic, subtler experience, I encourage you to book more hours of session,
overnight/weekend duration or invite Me for dinner before/after session.
Taking time to savor the richness of subtle feelings of a BDSM session, at different
levels: mental, erotic, physic is always the best. For connoisseurs this is a entire process,
like wine tasting.
So, if, you want to live an unique experience, dare to book a longer session.
Talk with Me and we will find the best option together!
I have a degree in counseling psychology and I believe I have the skills to provide
containment, safety and to make sure that you will go back into the world the same or
better than when you came to me!
I get My satisfaction on a psychological level and in the psychological challenge of the
I am a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants, when and how!!
I am a proud woman who respects herself and love to be pampered.
I am elegant, intelligent and sophisticated Queen. DOMINATION – is My lifestyle!

My slave must be

My slave must be: an educated gentleman, creative, imaginative and submissive, but
not to the point of loosing his individuality!
VERY IMPORTANT: discretion is very important for Me!
In the 19 years of BDSM I met gentlemen with different professions, high positions or
even public persons, but, what is happening among us remains with us!
With Me, your privacy will remain private!

Visit My web-page ( ) and buy My clips
( ), in order to learn more about Me and
about My Domination style !

Before you write me

Before you write Me, make sure you check My Likes ( https://www.mistress-
/my-likes/ ) and My Dont's ( https://www.mistress-
) page!

Come and worship at My feet and experience the privilege of serving Me !
Expect to feel truly used and abused, you will come crawling back for more!

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