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Elite league of dommes


There’s something alluring and powerful about becoming a professional sex worker. It goes against all the grain, and yet it’s a vocation full of rebellious independence. We’re seeking elite, passionate women who are drawn to kink in a deeply personal way. They’ve always known they were different and they aren’t afraid to embrace their place in the world.

We help others to learn about BDSM safely and intensely, and we believe that through the process of experiencing acceptance, everyone becomes a better version of themselves. Does this sound like something that calls to you?

Unlike other dungeons, you won’t work *for* us, you’ll work for yourself. You keep what you earn, you own your business fully and completely.

We are seeking those who have a drive to excel and firmly believe they can succeed in this industry. Excellent work ethic and innate compassion is required. We will provide mentoring and guidance along this path for the right individuals. We welcome and encourage all shapes, sizes, orientations, and backgrounds.

If you wish to commit yourself professionaly with BDSM, Mistress Alexandra's and Her collaborators' wide experience will definitely be usefull. No matter what your level is you' ll have a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills through actual practise on slaves and usage of  the Academy's rich collection of instuments and furniture.

   Once your training is completed, you will be offered a professional photo-shooting experience, since your promotion proves to be an integral part of your work. Furthermore, under the guidance of Mistress Alexandra and your tutors' tips on styling, make-up etc, you will be able to create your own personal icon of Domme. You may also -when possible- use Mistress Alexandra's fascinating wardrobe for your shooting.

   Finally, we should note here, that Mistress Alexandra is always open to collaboration with individuals who sincerely love and are interested in BDSM. Accordingly M.A. Academy might offer you a fully-equipped dungeon of 111 s.m. to begin with your professional sessions. Also an option to starring roles in Mistress Alexandra's bdsm video productions.

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