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Just a note..

Not all of our staff members provide the same offerings, and just as they are each unique, so is their individual style online and off. The ladies below have active clip stores, fan clubs, and other sites. If you’re looking for a specific staff member not listed, she may still be working on her new projects, so check back often for updates. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for news!



Be more adventurous and indulge your fetishes.

We offer a myriad of opportunities to explore and expand your kink experiences. Whether you’re looking to learn, to embrace, to receive, or to grow in your personal BDSM evolution.. we have plenty to engage you. Continue on to read all about the variety of things we offer…


We offer sessions from 1 hour to multiple days, extending through the full range of fantasy experiences. We prize compatibility amongst all else and will match you with the staff that best suits your interests.

We are fully inclusive and intersectional, so our sessions are available to men, women, transgender, and non-binary people of all ethnicities, sexualities, and orientations.

The average session length is 2-3 hours. We recommend that first-time appointments be a minimum of 1.5 hours. Staff members have different hourly rates, which you can see on their profiles or when you schedule your session online.

Doubles & More

Any of the staff of the Wicked Collective LOVE doing double sessions with one another. What better way to have an immersive experience than to have two, three, or more ladies directing their attention to you?

When their schedules permit you can add on an additional staff member who is not in training for 40% of their normal tribute. Because our staff schedules are not always overlapping, this special applies to whom ever may be available on a certain day/time. If you have a specific staff preference for double (or triple, etc) sessions, you can request them, but you will pay full price for each staff member.

Unique Experiences

Due to our dungeon’s setup, we are able to do overnight and multiple-day sessions. Whether you want to taste the reality of serving a Goddess 24/7, or you have a intense fantasy to be acted out… we are always happy to indulge. We love to explore immersive experiences.

We also offer unique offerings such as sex coaching, custom videos, yoga, more in-depth aftercare, and events.

Contact us for more info and bespoke pricing.

Staff in Training

One of the amazing things about our dungeon is our world class training program, created by Domina Alexandra Snow. Our ladies receive comprehensive training and mentorship, and when their schedules permit, can be added to your session for a discounted rate (relative to their current training level).

Staff in training are not available for solo appointments unless otherwise specified.

Each of our staff in training have already undergone a rigorous instruction in safety and basic skills and are simply polishing their art in addition to learning more advanced techniques.

To schedule a double session, use our scheduling system to book with the staff of your choice, then select the session add on option. The tributes are clearly listed for each kind of add on. Click below for current staff in training.

Couples Sessions

Whether it is training a wife to better dominate her husband, a submissive duo who wants to suffer in tandem, or an obedient girlfriend who longs to act out bisexual fantasies while her boyfriend watches.. the possibilities are endless. We specialize in providing mentoring to either party who wishes to learn specific skills or scenarios in a low-stress environment.

Couples sessions follow the same appointment guidelines as solo sessions, but both parties must pay separate interview/membership fees. The initial interview is typically conducted together, but with two people, takes approximately one hour.

Couples sessions are always a minimum of 2 hours, but longer is always recommended due to the dynamics of multiple people in session.

Sessions for Women

There has been a long-standing view that only men visit professional BDSM establishments, and that simply isn’t true. We offer the same fantasy exploration for  women (including trans women and non-binary folx), in a safe and professional environment.

We take great care to cater to these unique desires and needs and love to create scenes and sessions for you, regardless of sexual or power orientation.

All of our staff identify as bisexual, lesbian, or queer. Contact us for recommendations on who suits you best!


Do you have a desire to experience bondage, caging, or captivity where you are left to struggle or enjoy the predicament at hand?

For those that long to be bound, caged, or closeted, then abandoned, there is a special, lesser tribute for the period of abandonment. Normal session tributes apply for the balance of the session. The abandonment tribute is $150/hour and can be done in half hour increments. We always remain present in the facility for your safety

For sensory deprivation or immobilization bondage, the average amount is one hour. This can be broken up into pieces throughout the session.

A typical abandonment session involves one or more hours of session time, followed by a period of abandonment, then ending with one or more hours of additional session time. Sessions must be 2 hours or greater in length to add abandonment time.

Photos and Videos of Your Session

Looking to have a personal memento of your experience? We offer filming and photography with one of our professionals. The video can be either shot via a tripod or by a videographer. You will then be provided a personal copy of your experience in full HD.

Edited video provided via digital download link or Blu-Ray (for additional cost). This video is NOT for commercial use.

Many of our staff also offer custom videos, where you can request specific scenarios and activities!

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