BDSM Athens

Welcome to Athens BDSM Temple
Here you will find the only female owned and operated fetish studio in Athens that provides unparalleled BDSM experiences and authentic exploration of kink .

There are three dungeons in this sprawling temple, each designed for a specific purpose. We are home to the Underground collective, Athens' only independent dungeon, kink education, and fetish photo/video production.


The one and only Mistress  Athens. A local domme that you will never forget. She will Transform you into a slave in no time. A powerful man outside need his Mistress  Athens to become a real submissive and find his way in life.
So when you visit Athens this will be the first thing that you will do.


.As a home to our high priestesses of kink.. the Ladies of the Underground Collective, Authentic & Immersive Kink Adventures exists to hold creative & dynamic BDSM adventures. Our staff are highly skilled and uniquely talented, each with a passion for what they do.
There is something for everyone's desires, from in-person sessions to online sessions via phone, webcam, and text, to fan clubs to fetish videos, and everything in between.

Meet The Team



Mistress Alexandra

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Miss Julietta

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Domina Olga

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Goddess Nemesis


Domina Mesalina

Slave girl

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Geisha Akira
Slave girl

Special Guests


Mistress Unknown
10-17 May 2022

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Nattasha Black
12-16 May 2022


Milady Sainlawrence, OWK
12-16 May 2022

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Lady Artemis
13-15 May 2022

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Helena Locke
12-16 May 2022

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Eva Liliel
10-16 May 2022


Mistress Ashley
13-16th May

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Lady ALexxa Von Hell
12-17th May

Mistress Ariana.jpg

Mistress Ariana
10-17th May

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Mistress Medea
13-16th May

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Goddess Hellfire
5-17th May

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Mistress Alexia
11-17th May

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Mistress Elena DeLuca
12-16th May


Mistress Simone
12-17th May


Mistress Mystique
11-17th May

Mistress Alexandra Play Space

Dungeon Underground

Mistress Alexandra is a successful business woman and owner of the two biggest dungeons in Greece and very soon the third one.

 Dungeon Underground

is used only for professional sessions .....

  Athens BDSM Dungeon for Hire 

only for rental ..... 

This is Her life, this is Her lifestyle. .

Athens BDSM Dungeon for Hire

Omega Compound

A non conventional dungeon, a temple of God-esses, where every kinky fantasy can live under the same roof. A massive play space, over 300 square meters that remind you of a small castle and 2.000 square meters outdoors. There is nothing you can dream about and not make it reality.


Fetish BDSM School

M.A. Academy

    M.A. Academy was created by Mistress Alexandra for all of you that want to start BDSM professionally, and for the couples who want to play and find new interests in their personal life but with a lack of knowledge and experience. She loves to share Her many years of experience in the field and always want to know and help others with the same interest for this amazing world of BDSM. One to one, online coaching and grups workshop are available.

Fetish Clip Production

    For those of you that do not have the opportunity to serve me in person. I've recently started My journey into Bdsm Clip Production.  

    If you're a Mistress / Switch or Submissive and would like to collaborate on futur film project with me and some well known Mistresses and Clips Producers from around the world. 

    Experienced feel free to contact me. For those of you that are just getting started into the world of Bdsm. It will be my pleasure to guide you through the process.


    Here you can see some of My free clips and useful links.


 Because together we are stronger!!!  I could had never made it till here without your help and support. I am so honored to have so many  amazing dommes next to Me  from all over the world.  Thank you for your support.

Mistress Alexandra

Athens, Greece

Mistress Julietta

Athens, Greece

Mistress Asmondena

Hambourg, Germany

Madame Caramel

London, UK

Mistress Ariana

New York, USA


Mistress Sarah
Bucharest, RO

Mistress Ezada Sinn

Bucharest, Romania

Domina Mara,

New York, USA

Mistress Lorainne

Essex, UK

Mistress Astoria,

Los Angeles, USA

Mistress Hellfire

Ottawa, Canada

Mistress Eva-Liliel

Berlin, Germany

Slave Erato

Athens, Greece

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Mistress Christine


Mistress Sarah


Mistress Anne Tittou


Mistress Luna

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Mistress Tess


Mistress Tangent


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