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Slave Akira

    Akira is a true submissive girl, a person truly connected with me as if she had invisible chains. she surrender to me body and soul.

    I am her world and her entire world is Mine.       

   That makes her the perfect object for you to use.

    She will obey any of your needs that you may have. She will just be your non will object.



Are you tired and you wish to drink your coffee or drink? There you have your human table


   You feel like is time for your feet to rest and be worshiped. Then just give her the exact instructions and she will obey

  Do you need your shoes cleaned? use her tongue


   You want to smoke. There is your human ashtray and when you finish just throw it in her mouth.


   Pet training?Put the leash on her neck and take her for a walk


   You feel mad and have to let go? Then she is there for you and that will make her happy


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Do you want to full fill your fantasies? then you have the best slave girl in Athens


    Role pay? Then she will be a nurse, teacher, school girl, a naughty whore or anything else for you


   Corporal punishment from light to hard?  You will be surprised by her endurance and limits. 


   Do you want your partner to join? Bring him/her and live a kinky experience

Do you want to train her? Put her at your feet and tell her exactly what you want. Give her orders and she will obey.


Throw her over your knees for a good spanking.


you have a secret sadistic sexual fantasies? be sure that she is the best. 


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Are you submissive and want to be trained next to her? I can always ask her to use you as i wish or make you do things to her while I'm just watching.



There are so many things that she can do to please you. Just ask and you will get it. She is happy when she is being put to use.