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Madame Caramel         London, UK

My guest from 29.06 until 3.07.2019

   I’m a mature and experienced, over 40 years old, dominatrix based between London & Dubai.

   I’m ultra-feminine, a true lady with class and a lifetime full of rich experience.


   I have great knowledge of BDSM practices but I pride myself on the connection I create with my slaves as I feel that I can truly understand in depth their submissive tendencies, fetishes and fantasies.  I live and breathe the Femdom lifestyle.

  You will find me in most exclusive events in Europe surrounded by like-minded people or indulging myself at the BDSM Villa in Portugal. This is a safe haven that I have created to enjoy with my special people. I make no apologies about living a very lavish lifestyle and that I adore being surrounded by strong males who offer me the gift of their submission.


   I am and I will always be a true Female Supremacist.

   I am the MATRIACH.

   Last year I allowed a bouquet of wonderful gentlemen to serve me, and in 2019 I will be even more exclusive.

   Although I can offer you an amazing one hour session, I find that usually just as I start to get aroused the time is up, leaving ME frustrated – so try your best to book me for longer liaisons. I’m open to negotiate, providing it does not take more than six emails.

   This is NOT a game for me. I want to truly enjoy having you as my play thing and I find three hours to full weekends of debauchery suit me much better.

   I have a beautiful, very private apartment in Dubai, a fully equipped BDSM suite in London and a BDSM villa in Portugal currently being renovated which will be open (all going well) in April 2020.

  I also welcome “fly me to you” or “fly with you” bookings. You may want to take me away for the weekend or on a business trip. I’m available to come to you throughout the UK and abroad.

  I have a wonderful collection of BDSM toys and devices for my travelling liaisons, but my most precious gift is my brain!

  So, do contact me, and share your plans. The more I know, the better.

If you have never met me – I’m a lady of refined taste and there is absolutely nothing ordinary about me – I hope this piques your interest.

Madame Caramel Bdsm domination femdom athens greece
Madame Caramel Bdsm domination femdom athens greece
Madame Caramel Bdsm domination femdom athens greece

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Available from 29.06-3.07.2019

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