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Milady Saintlawrence
12-16 May 2022

I am Milady SaintLawrence ,  an Asian descent from the East, a strict, sophisticated demanding ,natural born dominant who specializes Corporal Punishment , I am an Executrix of the OWK  ,The Other World Kingdom. I am also an organizer of an event, The Amystique femdomme International , which I organize two times a year Globally in  Europe, Asia, US and GULF. I perform in some of the biggest shows in Europe , like Wasteland, The Bitch , Unleashed, Clinic, Showboat , Kink Karnaval in Asia and more

I love travelling, most of my subs and slaves are from around the globe where I meet once in a  while. I have students whom I am proud of, taught to the best of my ability and now they are making their own name in the BDSM World  and traveling and exploring their kinky lives. 

BDSM is  a wide spectrum , you just have to dig deeper and more , explore and more, it is unending, we keep going on and on and yet there is so much to know about and to explore.. I had been in this lifestyle for so long as I can remember , I came from a Matriarch family where women are the head and that has a big influence and impact  of who I am now, it all  started in my highschool life just exploring and learning myself , nobody teaches me, And at the  right age the real exploration started. I have my first slave and explore everything in him and the legend Mistress Saintlwrence was born.   


One thing I am sure, it is synergy , electrifying interaction , and when I give ,I perform I execute  I feel and enjoy every moment of it no matter what kind of play, it is a chemistry between  Dominant to subs or  slave. Consensually, safe , clean environment , toys and equipment.

I am your fantasy, your dream ,wildest desire and your worst nightmare!


I also enjoy some various things: 

My favorite is CP - whipping, caning, spanking , flogging, beating, kicking, slapping, pulling hair, stomping, trampling  and more.

Humiliation in all kinds and ways , you name it!

Bondage , mummification, breathplay,pony play,role playing, wax play , confinement, medical play and many more, depends on my mood , because it is not all about you, it is me to decide.


 You can tell your story and I will listen and that's the basis of my decision. Do not tell me what to do boy, on your knees and crawl in front of me. Kiss my feet , bow your head and bite your lips.


Get ready!

Sign me up!

Strap on play
Cuckolding with a bull *
Impact play: Flogging/caning/spanking/kicking/trampling to name a few…
Rope bondage
Slave training
Financial Domination *
Puppy play
Pony play
Verbal humiliation
Latex worship *
Small penis humiliation
Tease and denial
Blow job training
Tickle torture
Breath play
Golden showers
Crimson showers *
Ruined orgasm
Chastity and key holding
Smoking fetish, turning you into a human ashtray
Intentional neglect
Sensory deprivation
Foot, heel and boot worship
Wax play
Splooshing *
Role play (I have experience in a wide variety of this from medical play to incest fantasies, just ask!)
Total power exchange *
Blood play
Tickle torture
Face slapping
Scent play
Human furniture training

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