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BDSM Academy 

MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to compassionately and professionally provide support and resources to adult industry professionals of all orientations, backgrounds, and identities. We seek to create a place of creativity and camaraderie, elevating our industry and one another, for greater connection and empowerment.

PURPOSE: To provide organization, content, education, and community by offering studio and event space, career development, networking opportunities, workshops and classes to professionals and the public, and provocative, authentic experiences to all.

This collective is a forum where we seek to speak our own truths, and to both magnify and encourage the vibrant, outspoken credos that shape and inform our lives and that we use to engage and transform our world. As intersectional sex workers, we refuse to be silenced and we will take our place as a vital part of the community. We believe that individual empowerment allows us to speak our truth.

Have you just started to practise BDSM and  don't know where / how to proceed?

Do you want to upgrade your skills ?

Are you looking for a way to apply  theory in your everyday life with your partner  ? 

Are you looking for a way to introduce your partner into this wonderful world?

Are you aspiring to make  your debut as a pro dominatrix  and are looking for guidance ?
Are you already a professional that is looking for a way to sharpen her skills and techniques?

If you keep possitive answers to one of those questions you're  just at the right place. The M.A Academy will guide you through the Knowledge and skills of BDSM.

According to a new scientific study published in The Journal of Sex Research, all of the participants who  experiment with their libidian tastes and share their sexual fantasies have a much more integrated and happier sex life. Additionaly, a large number of  other scientific articles concern the so-called "Unusual Stimuli".The researchers of CIUSSS del'Est-de-L'Île-de-Montréal as well as The Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal claim that most of the women's fantasies seem like "50 Shades of Gray". Head researcher Christian Joyal reports that  pathological fantasy includes the non-consented sexual intercource and the causing of pain. Thus, a fantasy of that kind is supposed to be absolutely necessary for sexual pleasure (Journal of Sexual Medicine).

For couples:

Whoever of you then is ready to share his/her internal thoughts with his/her partner and actualize them, is the perfect timing for you to visit our Academy. 

   The first chapter of our course is an introduction of BDSM principles. We are going to learn what sort of agreement you need to form along with your partner in order for his/her limits to be considered. We will discuss our personal experiences on organising a session or even applying  BDSM qualities in our relationship. We will further examine the responsibilities and duties of  a Dominant person who cares about the needs of his/her adult partner and some techniques to approach his/her state of mind. Concluding this chapter you will be taucht how to evaluate your imagination so that you may compose scripts but moreover how to perform and experience those scripts during role playing games

   The second chapter refers to the risk assessments you need to keep in mind as a Dominant. If we think of pain as an alternative of pleasure then we have to be well informed of  all those absolutely necessary security measures during the whole session. And what's more you are going to practise the way of including pain to an atmosphere of punishment and of pure sadism. At any case a perfect performance is a prerequisite for mutual pleasure. Therefore you will be shown the proper and safe way to use fetish instuments (different kinds of whips, canes, balls, bondage accessories, strapons etc) and at the same time to maintain the sense of discipline and domination.

For professionals:

If you wish to commit yourself professionaly with BDSM, Mistress Alexandra's and Her collaborators' wide experience will definitely be usefull. No matter what your level is you' ll have a unique opportunity to sharpen your skills through actual practise on slaves and usage of  the Academy's rich collection of instuments and furniture.

   Once your training is completed, you will be offered a professional photo-shooting experience, since your promotion proves to be an integral part of your work. Furthermore, under the guidance of Mistress Alexandra and your tutors' tips on styling, make-up etc, you will be able to create your own personal icon of Domme. You may also -when possible- use Mistress Alexandra's fascinating wardrobe for your shooting.

   Finally, we should note here, that Mistress Alexandra is always open to collaboration with individuals who sincerely love and are interested in BDSM. Accordingly M.A. Academy might offer you a fully-equipped dungeon of 111 s.m. to begin with your professional sessions. Also an option to starring roles in Mistress Alexandra's bdsm video productions.

Either a passionated BDSM practitioner or an emerging professional Domme, Mistress Alexandra's team will unlock and reveal that exciting Universe of  BDSM Desire. We are waiting for you  

Online coatching

Because distance may be a problem in many cases. Meetings can also take place online.

In this case, 

Contact Mistress Alexandra for more information

tel. 6987814005 or 6946520003

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