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Mistress Tangent

        Hello, I'm Mistress Tangent, Goddess, if you please, a world-class Pro-Domina with 10+ years professional experience, and an international video fetish star.


        I am a 24/7 lifestyle Mistress, who loves to play both with the experienced and with beginners curious about exploring their submissive side. I gear your session to your experience level and fetish or fantasy, and can play hard... or sensual. I love to enslave and make men and women into my personal, little slave puppets. I'm bubbly, sweet, petite, curvy, sexy... but make no mistake about it, I have a dark, twisted, kinky side. I'm that beautiful, young woman who lives next door who you fantasize about. And when I catch you staring at me, you see that look in my eyes... I know what you're thinking about. I'm going to make you do very dirty things to please me. And you will. Just to see me smile, hear my laugh and, briefly, gain my approval. I am your dark, hedonistic Salome come to life.

        My approval is your utmost concern. I enjoy many, scenarios - Let's discuss your secret legal fantasy and see if we can bring it to life.

        So, My little pet, get down on your knees and look up at Me... you probably never thought it could be this good.

         This Goddess responds to polite, gentlemen and women who know their place. The best way to be ignored is to do otherwise... for details regarding booking a session, please see my booking page.

I look forward to your enslavement and submission... Knots & kisses,

Mistress Tangent


My interests are varied – I tailor each session based on the individual sub’s fantasies, fetishes, desires, and limits. I respect all limits, and my play is always Safe, Sane, and Consensual (Risk Aware Consensual Kink, for the more advanced players). Beginners: don’t be scared by some of the more advanced play/interests - I only do it if you ask. Experienced players: If you don’t see one of your interests, just ask.

Bondage & Confinement:

  • Restraints – Leather & Metal

  • Rope Bondage

  • Handcuffs

  • Spreader Bars

  • Cages

  • Bondage Furniture

  • Suspension

  • Mummification


  • Leather, Latex, High Heels, PVC, Plastics, Lingerie, Stockings

  • Boots / Shoes / High Heels

  • Smoking

  • Foot

  • Nail / Hand

  • Scent

Corporal Punishment:

  • Slapping

  • Spanking

  • Flogging

  • Cropping

  • Caning

  • Whipping

  • Bastinado

  • Paddling

Humiliation / Degradation:

  • Verbal

  • Physical

  • Psychological

  • Public

  • Objectification (Human Furniture, Human Ashtray)

  • Toilet Fantasy

  • Shaving

  • Spitting


  • Double / Multiple Domme

  • Overnights

  • CFNM


  • Abandonment

  • Age Play / Infantilism

  • Consensual Nonconsent

  • Chastity

  • Tease & Denial

  • Interrogation

  • Blackmail

  • Race / Religion Play

  • Sensory Deprivation / Overload (Gags, Hoods, Mummification)


  • Slave Training

  • Domestic / Maid / Dinner / Shopping

  • Sissy (Crossdressing, Panty Play, Forced Feminization, Strap-on)

  • Pony / Puppy / Kitten/ Pig

  • Financial Domination

  • Contracts

Physical Domination:

  • CBT / NT (Clothespins, Clamps, CBB, Ball Busting)

  • Trampling

  • Tickling

  • Electrical

  • Hot Wax

  • Face Slapping

  • Beatdown


  • Sounds

  • Enemas

  • Catheters

  • Needles (Play / Temporary Piercing)

  • Probing

  • Castration Fantasy

Edge Play*:

  • Breath Play/ Control

  • Branding

  • Blood Play

*Risk Aware Consensual Kink ONLY


I am very flexible and imaginative. Our play should not be limited by a list, but here are some ideas:

  • Goddess

  • Girl Next Door

  • Bad School Girl

  • Bitch Boss

  • Huntress

  • Teacher

  • Nurse

  • Doctor

  • Kidnapper

  • Interrogator

  • Sadistic / Mean Step-Mother

  • Personal Trainer

  • Police Woman

  • Guardess

  • Seductress

  • Slave Owner

  • Superhero (I enjoy being the villain!)

Are you eager to serve Mistress Tangent?
Feel free to follow Her on twitter @tangent to get more ideas about Her likes and dislikes in order to
please Her thoroughly.

Appointments will take place in Temple of Dommes,


Ask for session price

additional prices:
Dinner Date 150 euro plus meal
Cashmeet starting from 150 euro


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