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Mistress Asmondena

 Guest at Underground Dungeon on 5th and 6th November 2019

I'm Lady Asmondena ! Your ultimate Goddess in BDSM. With one look from my dark, commanding eyes I will melt your resistance away.

With my gorgeous body clothed in latex, leather or spandex, I will mesmerize you and bring you to your knees to serve me ! I will make you my slave, my toy to be used , abused and played with as the whim strikes me.

Honor my power and beauty and you will know the joyous freedom of abandoning yourself to my control. I'm a Mistress of passion, highly skilled in all kind of BDSM Arts. I'm ambitious, responsible and experienced. I take pride in my work.

You will experience deep emotions and psychological sensations that will stagger you. With my power and beauty and my skillful insight, I will gaze directly into your mind and help your discover the real you, that part of you who longs to emerge but who until now has cowered in fear of discovery.


Contact by email :
Twitter : Lady Asmondena
Instagram : Mistress Asmondena

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