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Mistress Isabella Edge            Bristol UK

Available for session    31.10.2019 - 15.11.2019

Isabella Edge,is a sadistic Mistress who enjoys inflicting pain to her servants.


Elegant, with a twisted mind, she adores testing her slaves through her control and see how far they can go under her discipline.


She firmly believes that domination begins with the mind.

She loves penetrating into her slave’s head, and most importantly inspire them to push their limits to a new level under her commands.

Her dominance,is fierce, but also sensual and caring.

Watching her submissives suffer just to please her vicious desires and becoming objects of her will, leads her to the ultimate satisfaction.


Consent, safety and hygiene are of the outmost importance.

Safe, Sane & Consensual is not negotiable.


She is eclectic and she attaches importance to quality over quantity.

You will get her attention only by showing respect and good manners.

If lucky, you will then book a session.

Do not forget that her time is valuable, and she cannot accommodate last minute bookings.


Step into her world --if you dare. Obey her, suffer by her whip, find salvation under her feet, and you will be rewarded.

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